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Professional Indemnity

Professional Indemnity Insurance can cover you against claims from your clients if advice or a service you’ve provided causes them to lose money. Although it’s not mandatory for all types of business, many industry bodies’ regulatory requirements state that many business sectors require PI insurance, such as accountancy, engineering and surveying. Professionals working on a contract basis – such as management consultants, business consultants and IT contractors – will almost certainly need PI insurance in order to be awarded a contract.

P.I insurance usually covers the legal costs required to defend you if you needed to go to court; you will need to provide legal representation, even if you’ve done nothing wrong. If it turns out you’re in the wrong, it can cover your compensation payments too.

No matter how many years experience your firm may have, there is always the possibility that you (or a member of your team) could make a mistake.

Professional indemnity insurance covers against a wide range of possible occurrences, including:

  • Unintentional breach of copyright and/or confidentiality
  • Professional negligence (e.g. making a mistake when completing work for a customer)
  • Loss of documents or data
  • Loss of goods or money (whether they belong to you, or you’re responsible for them)
  • Libel and Defamation

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