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Cyber Safety: How to keep safe using Public Wi-Fi

Cyber attacks: Stay safe when online

Cyber-attacks are becoming increasingly popular and it’s affecting many industries. Although the risks and damages that affect businesses are being discussed on a daily basis, the risks that are associated with the general public are often left silent.

The majority of the public when they are out and about will use free public Wi-Fi when available however they may not see the threat that they are faced with. Even though public Wi-Fi can be a life saver when your data is running low, you need to be careful as it’s another platform for cyber-criminals.

Beware of Faux Wi-Fi Network

When you are connecting to a Wi-Fi network, make sure that you connecting to a secure network. Hackers have a technique where they will set up a network but misspell it so you’ll connect to it without releasing.

Sky-Wi-Fi Cloud


These names are very similar and amongst a large list can be seen as the same. Make sure you are alert and aware when connecting to Wi-Fi networks.

Use a firewall

This little step can provide protection from unauthorised access. Switching on your system’s firewall can aid in protecting your devices:

For windows: Control Panel> Systems and Security > Windows Firewall

For Mac: Systems Preferences > Security and Privacy > Firewall

Consider a VPN

Virtual Private Networks (VPN) will allow you to browse in a private sphere as data passing through is encrypted. This will mean that interception of your data is harder to do. Setting up a VPN is possible to do following these steps:

Windows: Type VPN into the Search Menu in Start, click on Create a VPN.

Mac: Systems Preferences > Network > Click Add (+) and choose VPN.

Avoid Certain Tasks

This may seem a little obvious but if you want to check your online banking or wish to purchase items online, wait until you are back on your Wi-Fi or use your data. Entering your personal details on public Wi-Fi makes you more vulnerable and easier to hack. Only enter your personal information on a secure server.

Forget the network

Once you have finished using the network, press forget it. This will protect you in the future from inadvertently re-connecting next time you’re in the area.

Following our advice, it should help you stay safer when using public Wi-Fi. However we are able to offer you cyber liability to make sure you are protected. To discuss this future, please contact our expert team 01565 228014 or fill in our online quote form here.

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