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Meet Keith Long, Commercial Insurance Manager at Heath Insurance

At Heath Insurance Services, we have highly experienced employees who have worked in the insurance industry for many years. Keith Long, who is our Commercial Insurance Manager, has taken the time out to answer a number of questions about his experience with Heath Insurance and in the industry.

Hi Keith, thank you for taking the time to answer these questions for us! How are you?

Hi! I’m great thank you, how are you?

I’m doing well thanks. So, how long have you worked in the insurance industry for?

Ooh! Longer than I care to remember! I started with an Insurance Broker in Cambridge in October 1971 and it all went from there.

How long have you worked for Heath Insurance?

I first began with Heath Insurance Services in June 1990. Wow! 26 Years! That’s flown by!

What’s the biggest change you’ve seen in the time you’ve been working in the industry?

As with most things I think the biggest change has been computerisation. When I started we didn’t even have electronic calculators. In my first job, one of our clients was Sinclair Radionics (Clive Sinclair) and I can remember my then boss returning from a client visit with one of the first. This would have been in 1972 and the price was about £80

What makes Heath’s different from other brokers or insurance companies?

When others say they offer a personal service, we really do! The staff here are all comparatively long serving (combined service of approximately 70 years in respect of 4 people) and are on first name terms with the majority of our clients.

We are not a call centre; our clients new or old can speak to the same person throughout.


Thank you so much Keith for answering our questions, it is greatly appreciated and very insightful!

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