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How to spread Christmas joy at work!

It’s been a long and very busy year for everyone at work and Christmas is finally that time where the employees are able to relax and be merry as well as spending time with their family. But, during the run up to the festive period, what could you do to spread the Christmas cheer at the work place?

Christmas tree with presents and fireplace with stockings --- Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis

  1. A personal meeting – One of the first things you could do as a manager is gather your staff together and have a meeting. By doing this you can personally thank them for all of their hard work over the past year and discuss how you are going to continue to excel within the forthcoming year. You may even want to give them a gift at the end of the meeting!
  2. A token of appreciation – To show how grateful you are for your employees achievements over the year why don’t you get a few little gifts or trinkets together to give to them. The gift only has to be small, a bauble or even some chocolate, wrap them up and place it on your desk – this is bound to make them smile.
  3. Celebrations – Another way that you can thank your employees is by arranging an out of work get together, this could be a big Christmas party, or something simpler like a quiet paid-for lunch. Either way, I’m sure your staff will be thankful that their hard work has paid off.
  4. Surprise – Give your staff one of the greatest things of all – the day off before Christmas! Surprise them on the Friday before by telling them they do not need to turn in on the Monday and they will get paid! This is bound to get the office buzzing.
  5. Decorations! Get the office decorated, everyone can get involved and transform their work area in to Santa’s grotto. Tinsel can be hung up everywhere, whether it is on the roof, on the plants, on the windows or around the doors; there can never be too much tinsel.

Hopefully with our tips your office will be filled with Christmas cheer and each and every one of you can appreciate and enjoy the festive season.

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